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Self Help Credit Repair Seminar  
          May 14, 2016(Monthly)
                                 $65.00 Registration

$65.00 Credit Forms

$65.00 Form  Updating Personal Assistance

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Housing Problem Solvers Company
licensed and Incorporated in the State of Georgia
 Welcome to our website. Housing Problem Solvers Company specialize in helping people with credit and housing problems. We have been in business for more than 3 years now. Our goal is to offer our clients the best solution for their problems. We offer the following services:

*Bad Credit Housing Locator

*Criminal Background Housing Locator

*Real Estate Consulting

*Mortgage Consulting

*Eviction Consulting

*Non-Paying Renters Relocation Services

*Student Housing and Credit Education

*Monthly Adult Credit and Housing Seminars

We are committed to locating our clients the best housing fast. We don't care about your credit or criminal background problems. Our response time is typical 48-27 hours depending on your problems. We accept people with the following problems:

*Multiple Evictions
*Active and Old Bankruptcy
*Tax Liens 
*Criminal Background(Violent Charges are more)

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Customer Testimonial:

Dear Jeanette,

 I am so pleased with the results of using Housing Problem Solvers for Bad Credit! As you know I was desperate to relocate my family from Missouri back to the Atlanta area. I spent a lot of money on fees trying to use property management only to be turned down because of my bankruptcy. Your company was such a stark contrast to them! Your one time fee was reasonable and worth every penny. You not only found me a home but also negotiated directly with the landlord to facilitate my placement in a wonderful house. Your financial advice was sound and timely-professional. Your tenacity and concern for my needs was outstanding. You did not let me settle for the first house you found because you knew it would not be a good fit for me, even though I was desperate to take anything. You were available to me all day and into the late evening. You promptly returned my calls (and as you know there were many) even after normal business hours. I would say to anyone who is trying to secure housing with bad credit or a bankruptcy that they should use Housing Problem Solvers and not waste their time or money on Property Management Companies or realtors but to call you first! If I had done so, I would have saved myself over a thousand dollars in fees that were non refundable, even after these companies turned me down! You gave me good advice on how to fix my credit. You gave me good information and education about my bankruptcy. I am so pleased with how professional your company is and how much you advocated for me that I can emphatically say that your fees are reasonable and just. You are worth every penny! How can I ever express my thanks and deep sense of gratitude that you didn't just place me in house, but you placed me in a house that was right for me! I will highly recommend your company to anyone I know who has housing problems because you are indeed Housing Problem Solvers! 

Sincerely, Bonnie Sue Jacobs, US Army Retired


I got the GREAT SERVICE from Housing Problem Solvers Company


Credit Card Processing


Our Housing Locator Services

3 Referrals Only $99.00
(Evictions,foreclosure 3years old Only)

Bad Credit Housing Locator,Foreclosure,Real Estate Counseling Services $475.00
(1Eviction 2 years)
2-Payment Plan $237.50

Full Payment Plan $475.00

Multiple Evictions, Discharged Bankruptcy and One Non-violent Felony $675.00

2-Payment Plan $337.50

Full Payment Plan $675.00

3 Plus Evictions,Active Bankruptcy and Multiple or Violent Felonies $875.00

2-Payments of $437.50

Full Payment Plan $875.00

3 Plus Evictions,Active Bankruptcy Couples

Two Payment Plan $537.00

Full Payment Plan $1075.00


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