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Identity Thieves Filing False Tax Returns in Victims Name

Identify Theft has taken a new twist. Identity Thieves are now filing false tax returns in their victims name. The Internal Revenue Service(IRS) doesn't know how the Identity Thieves know their victims filing status. The false tax returns are being filed and the identity thieves are collecting the money. 

The Identity Thieves setup a false bank account in the victims name. They then file a false tax return electronically to the IRS in the victim's name. The tax return is filed with a refund owed by the IRS. The tax return is processed by the unsuspecting IRS. The IRS processes the refund and wires the money to the false bank account. The Identity Thieves are filing current years tax returns.

The unsuspecting taxpayer sometimes have no clue that false tax returns have been in their names. The IRS Identity Theft unit is working on the problems. Please check your tax filing status with the IRS if you are a late filers. You can visit the IRS website at If you are a victim of identity theft go to Type in "Identity Theft". 

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