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Out of State Plans and Payments

We provide contracts to all our clients. Our contracts offers locator service, credit updating services, Lease-Purchase Service and more.

Plan NG-1 Only 3 Apartment for Single Person

(Apartment Community Only)


Plan NG-2 Only 3 Apt,Condo,Townhomes for Single Person

(No Mortgage verification)   


Plan NG-3Only 3 Apartments for two Adults

(Apartment Communities Only)


Plan NG-4 Only 3 Apts, Condo, Townhomes for two Adults

(No Mortgage Verification)


Plan NG-5 Only 3 Homes

(No Mortgage Verification)


****Additional Adult Payment $150.00**********

***Additional Mortgage Verification Payment $100.00****** 

Plan NG-6 One Person Locator Service and Credit $950.00

(Mortgage Verification included, up to 15 properties)

Plan NG-7 Couples Credit Services $850.00

Plan NG-8 Couples locator/Credit Services $1200.00

(Up to 15 properties)

Plan NG-9 Lease Purchase Locator Service $1,500

Your contract will be emailed or faxed immediately after payments. Please call 800-915-2683.

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