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Bad Credit Housing locator Services

Housing Locator and Credit Service Plans! Check Your Plans and Payment by your State! ENROLL NOW!!


*Special Plan Credit and Locator Plan $800.00

Plan 1(Georgia Only)

Only 3 Pre-Approved Apartments Community for $475.00 in 24 Hours

Plan 2 (Georgia Only)

Only 3 Pre-Approved,Apts,Condos, Homes,Townhomes in 24 hours $500.00 (Mortgage Verification additional $100)

Plan 3(Georgia Only)

10 Pre-Approved Apartments, Condos, Townhomes and homes in 24 hours! $700.00

We don't care about credit history!

Call 1-800-915-2683

Our fee $400.00 upfront singles and couples$650.00

We locate housing for people with bad credit! We offer 3 pre-approved apartments, homes and condos in 24 hours. We want to be your BHCA!Your Bad Credit Housing Agent. We do all the work. We locate housing, update credit history and more. We don't care about your bad credit history.

We make our clients feel good about locating homes, apartments,condos and townhomes. We eliminate your embarrassing of locating housing with bad credit. Bankruptcy,Foreclosure, Evictions or more on the credit history does not create a problem for us. We give all our clients contracts.

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