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 Non-Georgia Housing Locator Plans

We provide contracts to all our clients. Our contracts offers locator service, credit updating assistance services, Lease-Purchase Service, real estate and mortgage consulting services and more.

Plan NG-1 Single Person $575

(2 Eviction, Foreclosure,Real Estate Consulting,Private Credit Education)

Plan NG-2 $675.00

(3 Eviction, Bankruptcy, Non-violent Felony, Two Adults Locator Service)

Full Payment:$675.00                                       

Plan NG-3  $875.00

Violent Felony,Three Adults,Lease-Option Program)

Full Payment:$875.00 

2 Payments:$437.50 

Plan NG-4 Felony Background Two $975.00

Full Payment:$975.00 

Plan NG-5 

Plan NG-5A Mortgage Verification, Additional Adult

Additional Adult Payment $150.00

Additional Mortgage Verification Payment $300.00

Your contract will be emailed or faxed immediately after payments. Please call 404-892-4783

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