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 Pricing discount for February 15 to March 15,2020 

Welcome to Housing Problem Solvers Company! We specialize in difficult housing placement. Our goal is to find the best possible housing for our clients situation. 

We offer a special pricing structure for a limited time our services.  Take additional $10 off with Cashapp Payment!! 

Our Services

 Housing Vouchers:
(Prices for 1 adult only)
Housing Voucher Basic (3 properties)   
$275 (paperwork processing)

Housing Voucher More  (6 properties)    

$375 ( Paperwork Processing)


Evictions Only:
(These prices are for 1 adults)

 One Eviction (5 yrs plus)   3 properties 


 One Evictions  (5 Yrs Plus) 8 Properties 


Two Evictions:  (5 Yrs Plus) 3 Properties 

Two Evictions  (5 Yrs Plus ) 8 Properties

Three Plus or Recent Evictions, One Felony    
Active Bankruptcy
     $575.00.                          3 Properties 

Three Plus or Recent Evictions, One or Two Felonies, Active or Multiple Bankruptcies 
    $675.00                             8 Properties

Three plus felonies               8 Properties

 Six or More Felonies or Evictions, Couples Bankrupties                          8 Properties 


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