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   Georgia Housing Locator:

We locate housing based on our criteria. You give us type property(apt,condo,  home and etc), how much for monthly rent and how much for security deposit. We find the properties and get you pre-approved for all of our properties. We negotiated all payment arrangement. You can give us properties to contact for you also. You get your 3 pre-approved properties in 48-72 hours. We get started after you pay the fee and complete the contract. You need to get started today.

Credit Card Processing

 Eviction Counseling Service
*We answer questions regarding the process.
*We educate you on credit and housing after the
 process. Alway answer the court in the eviction process.




Two Apts,Homes and Condo referrals Only (5 yrs Old evicts)

Housing Locator  and Credit Plans 

Plan 1 Housing Locator (1 3yrs old Eviction-No Criminal)

$475.00.00 (1 Eviction 3 Yrs old Only)

$237.50 (Two Payment Plan)

Plan 2:Housing Locator (2Evicts, Non-Violent Felony)    
$675.00(Single Payment)

 $337.50 (Two Payment Plan)

Plan 3: Housing Locator (3 Evicts or 1Violent Felony)

 $437.50 (Two-Payment Option)

Plan 4: Lease Option Program

Plan 5:Additional Adult

Plan 6: Adding Additional Person with Felony 

Plan 7: Mortgage Verification Service

Plan 8: Couples Credit Updating Sessions


 Plan 9:  2-People Locator  $1275.00  
(3 Evictions and/ 2 violent or 3 Non-Violent Felonies
  and dismiss or discharge Bankruptcy )

 Plan 10: Bankruptcy Couples Locator $1075.00

2 Payment $537.50 
Full Payment $1075.00

Plan 11: Foreclosure Multiple Adults
Full Payment $1075.00

Plan 12: Property Foreclosure Check $500.00

Contracts will be delivered via email after payment. Please call