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Double Deposit For Property Owners
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Our clients need housing. We need your rental property. Our clients will pay double security deposit and the first month rent. We offer property management also! Yes, we can find you a renter and manage your property. Our clients may have experienced some financial or criminal background issues in the past. However, our client problems are in the past. They are all employed. They are all getting their lives back on track. Our clients want to live in apartments, homes, condo and etc that they can afford. Again, we need your property for our clients. We will guarantee our clients for a 12 month period.** We will advertise your property on our website. You are given full disclosure on background and credit information on all clients. Here is our program information:

Double Security Program 

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*Pay when renters your property is rented
*Property management is available. 
*Renter Guarantee is available.
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Double Deposit Program
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