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We are Proud Members of the Atlanta Apartment Association

 We offer programs to assist apartment community with 
Non-Paying Renters.
Our program eliminate some of your expenses. 

We are seeking apartment communities that offer 2nd chance programs for people with bad credit.  If your apartment community will accept a renter with an old eviction, bankruptcy or foreclosure you should attend this events. We are expecting people with all types of credit. Here is what your will get for your money:

1) Display Table 
2) Two Chairs
3)Private Area for interviews
4)Unlimited leads

Enrollment is just $400.00

Single Family Properties you can have your property featured at our event! We will have your property on display for all attending renters to see! You pay one low fee upfront!

 Enrollment is just $150.00 list 5 properties

Apartment Communities   Non-Paying Relocation Program

Yes, we want your non-paying renters. 
We will locate new housing for them in 48-72 hours. Your apartment community pays the following:

1) Initial Setup: $75.00 per Apartment Community 

2) Non-Payer Relocation Plan 
      Plan Fee: $475.00(Renewal Optional)

3) Unlimited Pre-screened referrals. 
**Our referral starts at $475.00 per accepted applicant. 
   (Depending on property rents)

The Non-Paying Renters Relocation Program

1) We locate pre-approved properties in 48-72 hours. We will negotiate payment arrangement for these properties also. 

We think this is a great deal for all parties involved! Enroll your apartment community today! $75.00 will get you set-up.

Apartment Community $75.00 Setup Fee

Apartment Community 90-Day Plan $1500.00